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Branding Creative Editorial Graphic Identity
May 17, 2017

Belide Folkloric and Ethnographic Group

  • Design

    Branding, Creative, Identity, Graphic, Editorial

  • Client

    Grupo Folclórico e Etnográfico de Belide

  • Software:

    Illustrator, Photoshop


To build an identity that represents tradition and culture

This awesome project was carried out for a faithful preserver of the Portuguese traditions, the Folkloric and Ethnographic group of Belide.
It is vital to protect the traditions that define us as citizens of the world, and this cultural group composed of people who love traditions and ancestors dancing, chants and so much more, are the perfect example by doing this in its fullness. By protecting their traditions, they are protecting their identity.

What I did

I've translated the emotions, traditions and ancestors wisdom into a new identity that shows it all in a simple representation.

Belide Folkloric and Ethnographic group new brand identity have simple, sketch lines and shapes, that intends to communicate several pillars that are on the base of the regional culture and tradition. We're talking about the symbols that most represent the region: the corn cob, the armillary sphere, and the coat of arms from the "padrão" of the Portuguese discoveries that exists in the village of Belide.
And regarding typography, the Serif typography we've chosen just made the contrast we need to convey a vintage but actual tone.

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