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Gesfrota Fleet Management

  • Design

    Branding & Identity, Graphic, Editorial, Creative, Web Design, UI/UX, Digital Product

  • Tools

    Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, InVision, Marvelapp

Challenge I

Make this fleet management company become recognized as a reference on the B2B market.

Highlight this company strength through a new identity and a renewed and modern product was one of the most challenging works I’ve ever made so far. This was a huge challenge, once I had to do all the work from building a new identity from scratch, through all intern and extern communication needs, and ending on the product itself, by designing a whole new fleet management platform for the B2B market.

I designed the logo to be held by three main pillars:
#1 The PIN from maps. A simple and timeless representation of assets locations.
#2 The EYE that represents vision, reinforced by the tagline under the brand that says “Management with Vision”.
#3 The G from Gesfrota brand.

How I did it

I've designed a whole new brand identity and kicked-off their communication channels.

Gesfrota is one of the strongest companies regarding fleet management, and by the time I went in the project, they were getting behind their competitors due to a lack of innovation, and modernization.

To turn Gesfrota brand recognized as a reference in the B2B market, I first needed to research the national competitors and analyse the world ecosystem of fleet management companies and products, so I could create an identity that would be strong, credible and recognized, not only nationally, but globally.

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