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August 8, 2014

Gesfrota Fleet Management


Make this fleet management company become recognized as a reference on the B2B market.

Highlight this company strength through a new identity and a renewed and modern product, was one of the most challenging works we've ever done so far. This was a huge challenge, once we had to do all the work from building a new identity from scratch, through all intern and extern communication needs, and ending on the product itself, by designing a whole new fleet management platform for the B2B market.

Gesfrota is one of the strongest companies regarding fleet management, and by the time we went in the project, they were getting behind their competitors due to a lack of innovation, and modernization.

What we did

We designed a whole new brand identity and kicked-off their communication channels.

As a reference in the B2B market, we started by researching the national competitors and analysing the world ecosystem of fleet management companies, so we could create an identity that could be recognized, not only nationally, but globally.

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