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Branding Creative Editorial Graphic Identity
January 1, 2017

Aires Design Identity


To build a brand that represents what I am as a professional.

A designer's ultimate challenge is when he commits himself to create and develop work for himself. It is much easier to follow a briefing, understand the needs of a client and develop something that has a path or an objective outlined. But when it comes to our own brand, we are the real challenge. The focus is on what we want to communicate as professionals and humans to the world. And in my case, I was extremely satisfied with the result, not only because of my personal taste but because of the acceptance and recognition by the market, as the brand itself helped to leverage the freelancing business.

What I did

How to make the perfect design for my own brand.

Aires Design brand identity has simple (but accurate) lines and shapes, that intends to convey a robust profile due to the quality and effectiveness parameters that are our main brand pillars, for the success in each project we make.
And regarding typography, Oswald and Lato just make the contrast we need to convey a modern, stylish and robust communication. The two typefaces when combined with the perfect balance, make it easy to represent hierarchies flawlessly.

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